Partnership for Niger


Partnership for Niger: Ambassador Alidou meets President of the Constituency for Africa Melvin Foote and Professor Hopson from George Mason University Northern Virginia
The Constituency for Africa’s President Melvin Foote and Dr. Rodney K. Hopson, a Professor at George Mason University in Northern Virginia, met with the Ambassador of Niger, H.E. Professor Hassan Alidou in the Niger Embassy in Washington today.  A range of issues were discussed during the two-hours meeting including the development agenda of Niger and the upcoming Presidential elections (February 2016); Niger’s desire to engage African-Americans and the Diaspora; trade and investment opportunities in Niger; and U.S. - Africa policy and opportunities for Niger.
L-R:  Dr. Rodney K. Hopson, George Mason University; CFA President Melvin Foote; Ambassador Professor Hassana Alidou; and the Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Moussa Rilla Boubacar.
Source: Mr. Melvin Foote, President CFA.


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